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Photo by Chris and Kristy Photography

PART 1: How Adam and I Met – My Young Restless Heart

PART 2: How Adam and I Met – Stir Not Up Nor Awaken Love Until It Please

PART 3: How Adam and I Met – Do Not Be Afraid

Happy Birthday Adam!


Photo by Sasha Knock

Love Begins at Home

The Virgin Mother Longed for Him: Reflections on my Pregnancy with Gianna

It’s a Girl! Gianna’s Labor and Delivery Story

Helpful Prayers and Tips for Gianna’s Birth

Here am I; Send Me! – Reflections on Gianna’s 1st Year of Life

Blowing Little Kisses

Let the Children Come to Me, Do Not Hinder Them: Mass and Adoration with Children

Our Family is Growing!


A Letter From my Heart

Advent Traditions